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Campaign Maps

Last weekend I finished up the my most recent campaign I was running, “Embers of an Empire”. One of my players recently had a child and I thought it was about time to move the campaign in the direction of a conclusion. My players really kicked ass and I’m very proud of the way the handled things. The players started in the Borderlands in a village named Aglitch, which they eventually built up into a town. Given that the campaign is now over, I’m now free to post all the campaign maps I’ve made. Feel free to use any of these if you’d like. The player-facing maps were made with Inkarnate and the hex map with hextml. The hex map is intended to be at a 6 mile hex scale. I hope these can be somewhat useful to someone.

The Steel Vale (GM Hex Map)

The Whole of the Steel Vale

The Borderlands

The Whitepeak Mountains

The Northern Heartlands

The Southern Heartlands

The Coastlands

The Temple Lands

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