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House Rules

I’m starting this blog, among other reasons, as a place to store and consolidate some of the house rules I’ve been sharing. So to get started I’m gonna link a few different small supplemental systems for any OSR retro-clone (but especially those based on B/X.) In the upcoming days/weeks I’ll go through most of them one by one and explain why they might be useful, my thought process in creating them, and what areas might be of specific significance. I’ll probably also post details about my campaign world, adventures I’ve run or created, work I’m doing for my eventual next campaign, and any other idle thoughts I have.

When I make new posts with House Rules Supplements, I’ll add them to this post as well.

Table of Contents

  • Equipment and Starting Packages
  • Custom Foldable Character Sheet (with equipment tracker)
  • Availability of Goods and Services
  • Overland Travel
  • Domains
  • Mass Battles
  • Mercenary and Troop Availability
  • Death and Dismemberment
  • Mental Trauma
  • Drugs

Equipment and Starting Packages



Character Sheet (with Equipment Tracker)

Make sure when printing to select “Flip on short edge.” Once the sheet is printed, fold it in half.


Update: There is now an online version of this character sheet >HERE<

Availability of Goods and Services



Overland Travel


>POST 1< >POST 2< >POST 3< >POST 4<



Mass Battles


Mercenary and Troop Availability


Death and Dismemberment


Mental Trauma




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