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Online Character Sheet

Given the huge surge in virtual games recently (for obvious reasons), I thought I’d provide an online version of my character sheet with inventory tracker. I’m running an online game myself using roll20, discord for sound, and a copy of this sheet for my players to use.

To use this online sheet, click “file” and go to “make a copy”. To make rolling ability scores easier, I’ve included an ability score generator in the file itself. Simply hit backspace in an empty cell to roll new ability scores. Make sure you paste them with (Ctrl+Shift+V) or you’ll paste in the formula as well.

I use a single saving throw in my game, so that’s the way these sheets are set up, but it shouldn’t be too hard to move things around to add in saving throw categories. If you would like a version that does have categories, feel free to email me or leave a comment and I’ll whip up another version.

For the inventory tracker, just type an item into any purple cell. It will be added to the “Total Weight” and your character’s movement speed will be automatically updated. Up to 250 coins are counted as ¼ Stone. Large items are counted separately and require you to add their weight to the sheet. See my Equipment and Character Sheets supplement if you’re confused about how the inventory system works.

I hope you all have fun gaming!

Link Here

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